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Albany City Hall

Albany City Hall is the seat of Albany’s local government including the mayor’s office, city legislature, and other services such as the city and traffic courts. The building was completed in 1883 and designed by Henry Hobson Richardson at the high point of his career. The design of the three-story brownstone building is a fine example of the Romanesque architecture. The building features a 202-foot (62 meters) Venetian-style tower situated on the southwestern corner. In September 1972, Albany City Hall was added to the National Register of Historic Places.
Albany City Hall (New York State)

Albany City Hall by Wknight94

The building is laid out in a rectangle and its main feature is its simple design but with small areas of intricate stonework. The tower is basically window-less and a round staircase leads to the southeast corner of the tower for access. The top of the tower houses a carillon comprising of 49 bells of different weights and sizes, producing their own distinct sound. It is still in use, playing popular tunes adapted for the carillon and played by several resident and guest carillonneurs. The best places to hear the carillon are behind City Hall at nearby Corning Park and in front at Academy Park.
Albany City Hall (New York State)

The lobby area by UpstateNYer

Location: 24 Eagle Street, Albany, NY 12207

Website: Albany City Hall

Tel: 518-434-5075

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