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Casual dining is the rule in Albany rather than the exception but there is a restaurant for every occasion and budget. For a city of 98,000 people (2012), Albany has a good choice of options including delis, cafes, fast foods, and casual dining. With several institutions of higher learning and high student population, it is not hard to find budget eats beyond the typical fast food chains. However, do not underestimate the food scene here and some of the best fines dining restaurants in New York State are right here in Albany!

Diner in Albany, New York State

Miss Albany Diner on Broadway by UpstateNYer

Downtown Albany
Downtown Albany is a good start to sample the city’s food scene with many located nearby each other that you can explore on foot. Restaurants in the downtown area are concentrated within a half mile (0.8 km) stretch along and nearby North Pearl Street (near the bank of the Hudson River) between Clinton and Madison Avenues. Slightly further away are the restaurants along Lark Street between Madison and Washington Avenues. Options along the two stretches range from the quick service restaurants to upscale fine dining.

Downtown Albany, New York State

Downtown Albany by UpstateNYer

Other Dining Destinations
Outside of Downtown Albany, it is not hard to find restaurants along the 17 mile (27 km) stretch of Central Avenue from Lark Street up to the nearby city of Schenectady. Restaurants here include fast food chains, diners, delis, pizzerias, and the occasional Chinese restaurants. The two mile (3 km) stretch along Delaware Avenue is another destination with a number of Indian and Middle Eastern restaurants located near where Delaware and Western Avenues intersect.

Ethnic Foods
Eating out in Albany and the rest of the Capital District is mainly American including steaks, grilled ribs, chicken wings, roast chicken, chowder, seafood, fries, and salads. Then there are the pizzerias and Italian restaurants serving dishes from various regions of Italy. Other ethnic cuisines are not as numerous and mainly Asian namely Chinese, Japanese, and South Asian (mostly Indian and Pakistani). There are also the Pan Asian restaurants offering cuisines from selected regions of Asia. If you are willing to do a little exploring, you can also find Spanish, French, German, Greek, Polish, and Middle Eastern restaurants. 

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