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The Dutch settled and established a trading post named Beverwijck in the early 17th century. The English later took over the settlement in 1664 and named it Albany after the Duke of Albany, who would later become King James II of England. The settlement was chartered as a city in 1686 and became the capital of New York State in 1797. Being located on the bank of the Hudson River and the eastern terminus of the Erie Canal, Albany developed as a transport hub from the late 18th to 19th century. Albany would also become home to one of the earliest railroad systems in the United States.

Schuyler Mansion, Albany (New York State)

18th century Schuyler Mansion by Matt Wade

Development of transport in the 19th century provided Albany with access to raw materials and a customer base, attracting industries and businesses. The result was economic prosperity and major exports included beer, wrought iron, lumber, fur, wheat, and meat. With a ready supply of wood for paper, several publishing houses were established and Albany ranked second to Boston in the number of books published in the 19th century. As industries and businesses developed, Albany was also home to several banks including the beginning of American Express.

Cherry Hill, Albany (New York State)

Historic Cherry Hill by Matt Wade

In the 19th century, the city was one of the first in the world to install a public water system as well as sewers, electricity, and gas lines. Albany also established one of the world’s first commercial airports in 1908, which would later become Albany International Airport. The 1960s saw several modern buildings constructed, while preserving many historic neighborhoods. These include the Empire State Plaza (state government office complex) and the University at Albany campus. Today, Albany is experiencing growth in high technology namely in the field of nanotechnology.
University at Albany, New York State

College of Nanoscale Science & Engineering by University at Albany

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