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Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is an urban park in Albany, located about half mile (800 meters) from the city’s waterfront. The park lies in a large basin created by the Beaver Kill, a stream that once flowed eastwards to the Hudson River. It has an interesting history and was the site where the Mohicans and their Dutch allies were attacked by their Mohawk enemies in 1626. In the 19th century, there were several brickyards in the park sourcing clay from the gorge created by the Beaver Kill. Furthermore, the waterfall at Beaver Kill was a source of water power, powering the local industries near the fall.
Lincoln Park, Albany (New York State)

View of Lincoln Park from the Corning Tower by rkeefer

Lincoln Park covers an area of just 68 acres (28 ha) and features open fields with small pockets of tree cover. There is large non-wading pool occupying almost two acres (less than a hectare), which can hold up to 300 swimmers at a time. There is a wading pool and spray pool for kids to enjoy. Other facilities include several courts for tennis, handball, and basketball. There are also baseball and football fields, and playground for kids. There is a youth fitness center featuring a gym, weight room, and opportunities for fitness dances and martial arts. 
Lincoln Park, Albany (New York State)

Lincoln Park by UpstateNYer

Location: Between Delaware Avenue and Eagle Street, and Morton Avenue and Park Avenue.

Website: Albany County Convention & Visitors Bureau

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