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Washington Park

Washington Park is a small yet scenic urban park located nearby the University at Albany in Downtown Albany. The park covers an area of 81 acres (33 ha) including a 1,600 foot (490 meters) long by 140 foot (43 meters) wide Washington Park Lake, situated in the western corner. Washington Park and the neighborhoods surrounding the four corners of the park are collectively known as the Washington Park Historic District, due to their historical significance - many of the buildings in the historic district were constructed from the 1880s to 1920s.
Washington Park, Albany (New York State)

Washington Park by Junaid Halabi

Washington Park features green open spaces, tree covered areas, and brightly colored flower beds. The park is home to several monuments and the first memorial erected (in 1879) is a bust of Dr. James H. Armsby, who was one of the founders of Albany Medical College. Others include Soldiers and Sailors' Monument, Henry Johnson Memorial, and King Memorial Fountain. Recreational facilities include tennis, basketball, and handball courts. Bicycling is allowed inside the park’s roadways that are closed to vehicle traffic. In winter, Washington Lake Park turns into an ice skating rink. Every year in May during the Tulip Festival, more than 200,000 tulips blossom throughout the park. 
Tulips in Washington Park, Alabany (New York State)

Tulips at the park by UpstateNYer

Location: Between Madison Avenue and Western Avenue, and South Lake Avenue and Willet Street.

Website: Albany County Convention & Visitors Bureau

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