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Albany, New York 

Staying Safe


Albany is overall a safe city to visit and even stay but like any other city, there are areas that experience a higher level of crime. The neighborhoods between Washington Avenue and New Scotland Avenue are generally safe areas to be in. However, the area around West Hill, Arbor Hill, and the city’s south side have a higher rate of crime but these places are of no interest for most visitors to Albany. Drunks and drunken brawls along the bar areas of Lark Street, Madison Avenue, and Center Square occasionally occur.

North Pearl Street, Albany (New York State)

North Pearl Street by UpstateNYer

Use common sense safety precaution when in Albany as you would in any city. Stick with the crowd and stay away from unlighted areas if walking alone at night. Getting drunk will often make you an easy target for muggers and potential to get involve in a fight – stay sober or know when to stop drinking. Avoid carrying more cash then you need and do not wear expensive jewelry. Men should avoid keeping their wallet in their back pocket and women pay close attention to their bag.

Lark Street, Albany (New York State)

Lark Street by UpstateNYer

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