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The Bronx, New York City 


Hall of Fame for Great Americans

The Hall of Fame for Great Americans is situated within the campus of New York City’s Bronx Community College. Completed in 1900, the Hall of Fame is an outdoor sculpture gallery honoring prominent Americans who had a significant impact on the history of the United States. The memorial is a semi-circular open-air colonnade designed in the neoclassical style. There are 98 bronze statues of famous Americans lining the colonnade and at the base of each statue is the name of the honored American and his or her achievements. 
Hall of Fame for Great Americans, Bronx (New York City)

Bust at the Hall of Fame for Great Americans by H0n0r

Honored here include authors, inventors, scientists, engineers, physicians, educators, humanitarians, philanthropists, and soldiers. Statues of prominent Americans include George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and Franklin D. Roosevelt. The Hall of Fame opens to the public from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Self-guided tours are free ($2 donation encouraged) and guided tours cost $50 per group (less than 10 people), $5 for adults (more than 10 people), $3 for senior citizens, and $2 for children. 

Location: Bronx Community College, University Heights, The Bronx

Website: Hall of Fame of Great Americans

Tel: 718-289-5910


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