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The Bronx, New York City 



The Bronx is primarily a borough of working class neighborhoods, and often overlooked as a destination for many visitors, preferring Manhattan or even Brooklyn. There is no denying that most of New York City’s major attractions are in Manhattan but some are actually in the Bronx. Getting on New York City’s subway trains are a convenient way to get from Manhattan to the Bronx, with many of the attractions located within distance from the stations. The Bronx is just a short ride by subway train from Manhattan that you can make regular day trips.

Bronx Zoo, New York CIty

Camel ride at Bronx Zoo by Postdlf

Bronx Zoo must be the most well known of New York City’s attractions that is located in the Bronx. The zoo is the largest urban zoo in the United States, holding more than 4,000 animals from around the world. The famous Yankee Stadium and New York Yankee baseball team are right here in the Bronx! Besides watching a game, there are also guided tours visiting various sites in Yankee Stadium. City Island is a small island resembling a New England Fishing village rather than urban Bronx, and a popular destination for seafood. Little Italy in the Bronx is a working class neighborhood with a distinct Italian flavor with its authentic Italian eateries, shops, and markets.

Yankee Stadium, Bronx (New York City)

Yankee Stadium by Silent Wind of Doom

Though a cemetery is an unlikely tourist destination, the Bronx Tourism Council promotes Woodlawn Cemetery as an attraction in the borough. It is a beautiful cemetery with its rolling hills and green open space, and a designated National Historic Landmark. The Bronx Walk of Fame, on the famous Grand Concourse, honors residents and former residents of the Bronx for their exceptional achievements. The Hall of Fame for Great Americans is a semi-circular open-air colonnade honoring prominent Americans for their achievements. Orchard Beach is a man-made beach and the only beach in the Bronx, making it a popular destination in summer.

Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx (New York City)

Woodlawn Cemtery by Woodlawn Cemetery


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