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City Island


City Island is a small island in the Bronx, situated on the western end of New York’s Long Island Sound and connected to the mainland by a bridge. The island resembles a New England fishing village and a popular daytrip, especially for the seafood with a choice of 30 restaurants. You can find most of the restaurants situated in the island’s commercial center, along City Island Avenue. The restaurants’ specialty here is seafood, with several offering scenic views of the sea and outdoor dining in summer. 

Swordfish, red snapper, lobsters, crabs, shrimps, clams, mussels, and even octopus are just some of the seafood found on the menu. Many New Yorkers who repeatedly come to City Island claim the seafood served here is among the best in New York City. The seafood is definitely fresh and each restaurant offers its own unique style of cooking and marination. Steamed, baked, broiled, grilled, fried, and stuffed are just some of the cooking styles, often served in a variety of delicious sauces.

Restaurant on City Island, Bronx (New York City)

Tony Pier's on City Island by David Trawin

Sammy’s Fish Box Restaurant has been around since 1966 and on the menu are stuffed jumbo shrimps, Maine lobsters, red snappers, Chilean sea bass, and fresh tuna steak. The Lobster House serves more than just succulent lobsters but also shrimps, clams, calamari, crabs, sole, and salmon to name a few. The Harbor Restaurant offers a beautiful view of the sea and the sunset besides great seafood, steak, and pasta. Beyond the American-style diners there is the French Le Refuge Inn, Ohana Japanese Seafood and Steakhouse, and Italian Portofino Ristorante.

Seafood restaurant on City Island, Bronx (New York City)

The Harbor Restaurant by David Trawin


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