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The Bronx, New York City 

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South Bronx


South Bronx is a working class neighborhood and eating out here will definitely not burst your wallet. You would be lucky to find a fine dining restaurant in this part of New York City and the furthest up the scale are the mid-priced restaurants. With low rentals, eating out in South Bronx is definitely much less than in the touristy sections of Manhattan. Furthermore, eateries and restaurants here serve the local community rather than the tourist crowd, offering an authentic food experience.

Restaurant in the Bronx, New York City

Yankee Tavern at 72 East 161st Street by Paul Lowry

Unlike many of the neighborhoods in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens, there is not much ethnic diversity in South Bronx. Thus, foods from different cultures are somewhat limited here. However, you are in the right place for Mexican, Puerto Rican, Dominican and other foods from Latin American and the Caribbean, where there is a large community presence. There are also the smatterings of Italian and Chinese restaurants but not much beyond that. Off course, there are the usual thoroughfare of American-style burgers, hot dogs  fried chicken, and fries.

Chinese restaurant in the Bronx, New York City

Chinese restaurant in Morrisania by Kim Snyder

You will find many of the eateries and restaurants in South Bronx concentrated in the downtown area known as the Hub (where East 149th Street, Willis, Melrose, and Third Avenues converge) and along the Grand Concourse. Long dominated by fast food joints and cheap takeouts, mid-priced restaurants are now making a presence. There is also a bit more food diversity beyond Latin American and Caribbean. Being a short ride by subway train from Manhattan, many restaurants in these parts of South Bronx are receiving attention from serious foodies in Manhattan.


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