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The Bronx, New York City 

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Manhattan to the Bronx
It is possible to take a cab from Manhattan to the Bronx but is an expensive affair, especially from the areas of Downtown Manhattan and Midtown Manhattan. Furthermore, many yellow cab drivers in Manhattan are reluctant to cross over the Harlem River into the Bronx, in such a case call for a livery cab. There are MTA local and express buses traveling between Upper Manhattan and various locations in the Bronx. Taking the New York City subway is often the most convenient option with several lines passing through Manhattan and terminating at various locations in the Bronx.

Subway train in the Bronx, New York City

Subway train in the Bronx by Robert McConnell

Queens to the Bronx
There are not many yellow cabs in Queens and best to call for a livery cab to get to the Bronx – there are three bridges linking Queens with the Bronx. If taking a bus, there are the MTA local buses traveling between Flushing in Queens and Co-op City in East Bronx. There are no direct subway links between Queens and the Bronx, and you would have to interchange at Lexington Avenue, Grand Central, and Times Square Stations in Midtown Manhattan. 

Brooklyn to the Bronx
Call for a livery cab in Brooklyn to get to the Bronx since there are not many yellow cabs in Brooklyn – both are expensive options. There are several MTA express bus lines from Brooklyn to Uptown Manhattan, and from here there are express buses to various locations in the Bronx. Several subway lines originating from Brooklyn pass through Manhattan before reaching their final destinations in the Bronx.

Train station in the Bronx, New York City

Mt Eden Avenue Station in the Bronx by Daniel Case

Staten Island to the Bronx
The passenger only Staten Island Ferry departs from the St. George Ferry Terminal on Staten Island to the Whitehall Terminal near Battery Park, situated on the southern tip of Lower Manhattan. MTA local buses departing from Staten Island cross the Verrazano Bridge into Brooklyn while express buses continue up to Manhattan. From Brooklyn or Manhattan, take a cab, bus, or subway to get to the Bronx.

Staten Island Ferry, New York City

Staten Island Ferry by Beyond My Ken


Visiting New York
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