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The Bronx, New York City 

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Bronx Park

Bronx Park is a scenic park covering 718 acres (291 ha) along the Bronx River in the Bronx. Within the park is the world-class Bronx Zoo (in the park’s northern section) and famous New York Botanical Garden (in the park’s southern section). Bronx Park features many areas of open grassland and forest covered areas. The Bronx River begins in North White Plains, passes along Bronx Park and through a deep gorge, and eventually flows into the East River at Soundview Park.
Bronx Park, New York City

Bronx Park by Jim Henderson

The area along the two-mile (2 km) stretch of the Bronx River is the most scenic area of the park, home to a diversity of plants, invertebrates, fishes, birds, and other wildlife. The Bronx River is popular with canoers and the trails along the banks are popular with hikers and joggers. The park offers several facilities for sports including baseball fields, basketball courts, handball courts, tennis courts, and bicycle paths. There are also several playgrounds for kids dotted across Bronx Park.

Location: Between Southern Boulevard and Bronx Park East.

Website: City of New York Parks & Recreation


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