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Crotona Park

Crotona Park may not be the largest park in New York City or even the Bronx, but is the largest in South Bronx - the park covers an area of only 128 acres (52 hectares). Purchased by New York City in 1888, the park takes its name after the ancient Greek colony of Croton, known for its Olympic athletes. During the 1970s and 1980s, Crotona Park was an area occupied by drug dealers and addicts, but much has changed for the better since then. Today the park is a popular recreational spot for residents of South Bronx.
Crotona Park, Bronx

Crotona Park by Phillip Capper

Crotona Park features forested areas (home to varieties of trees) and the scenic Indian Lake with its ducks, turtles, and fishes. There is a large outdoor swimming pool measuring 300 feet (91 meters) long and is the largest in the Bronx, very popular with the residents during the summer months. For tennis buffs, the park features 20 tennis (hard) courts. There are also five baseball diamonds, basketball courts, playgrounds, barbecue area, and dog runs. Though safe during the day, many consider the park unsafe at night when it is deserted.
Crotona Park in autumn, Bronx (New York City)

Crotona Park in autumn by Phillip Capper

Location: Bounded by Crotona Park West (Fulton Avenue), Crotona Park North, Crotona Park East, and Crotona Park South.

Website: City of New York Parks & Recreation


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