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Fordham Road


Fordham Road, in the Fordham neighborhood of South Bronx, is a major a street as well as shopping district in the borough. Fordham Road runs in an east-west direction from the Harlem River to Bronx Park, but the main shopping area are the blocks leading to the Grand Concourse. Fordham Road is one of the larger retail districts in the borough, home to nearly 200 retailers including stores selling clothes, shoes, sportswear, hip-hop fashion, accessories, jewelry, and electronics. However, do not expect to find high fashion stores in this shopping destination. 

Independent stores targeting shoppers searching for bargains used to dominate the Fordham Road shopping district. Though still here, national retail chains have gradually crept into the area such as The Gap, American Place, Payless, and Best Buy. Major department stores here include JHN Department Store, Cee & Cee Department Store, and Burlington Coat Factory. For even lower prices, you can find a number of discount stores in the area including Sheppard Bargain Center, JJ Discount, and Webster 99 Cent Store.

Fordham Road, Bronx (New York City)

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