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The Bronx, New York City 


The Hub


The area known as the Hub in New York City is a major shopping district in South Bronx. The Hub is where East 149th Street, Willis, Melrose, and Third Avenues converge. The area was once a “loss cause” due to urban decay and crime. However, much has changed for the better from New York City’s urban renewal programs to revitalize the area. Programs include new construction projects to attract new tenants such as shops, restaurants, and offices. Today, it is not only the retail hub but also the dining hub of South Bronx.

Like Fordham Avenue, the Hub targets shoppers searching for items priced in the low to medium range. The area experiences a high traffic of shoppers, especially during the weekends. Expect plenty of shopping here including clothes, shoes, sportswear, accessories, jewelry, music, electronics, and electrical appliances. Independent stores and retail chains compete side-by-side for customers, and not to forget the street vendors and their stalls. Here merchants often stand outside their stores, calling and hawking their wares to the passing crowd.

The Hub, Bronx (New York City)

The Hub area in South Bronx by Phillip Capper


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