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Coney Island
Coney Island is actually a peninsular and the beach here is situated along Surf Avenue facing east towards the Atlantic Ocean. The beach at Coney Island is wide and sandy, stretching for about two and a half miles (four kilometers) and divided into bays separated by rock jetties. The beach is regularly maintained by the city and has been a popular beach resort with New Yorkers since the late 19th century. Thus, this popular beach tends to get crowded in summer especially during weekends and public holidays.

Beach at Coney Island, Brooklyn (New York City)
Beach at Coney Island by Kris Arnold

There is a long boardwalk spanning along Coney Island's beachfront. There are plenty of amusement rides along the boardwalk and some have been here since the early part of the 20th century. The beachfront is also the home of Nathan's famous hot dogs, located at the corner of Surf and Stilwell Avenues. The Coney Island Mermaid Parade is held every June along Surf Avenue and the boardwalk. The parade is an ocean themed Mardi Gras like event with many participants dressed in marine costumes.

Brighton Beach
Brighton Beach is a neighborhood in southern Brooklyn and well-known for the large Russian and other East European communities living here. The beach at Brighton Beach is actually an extension of Coney Island's beach with the boardwalk extending into Brighton Beach. The crowd begins to build during the summer months especially on weekends and public holidays. However, there are no amusement rides to attract the crowds and therefore Brighton Beach is less crowded than Coney Island.
Brighton Beach in Brooklyn, New York City
Brighton Beach by Adam Jones

Like Coney Island, the beach at Brighton Beach is sandy and well maintained with lifeguards watching over the beach in summer. However, the beach here is shorter and stretches for only half a mile (one kilometer). Though the crowd at the beach begins to build in summer, there is a less crowded area of the beach situated furthest from Coney Island. In spring and autumn when the beach is too cold to swim or sunbathe, the area becomes a pleasant place for a stroll.

Manhattan Beach
Manhattan Beach is an affluent residential neighborhood in Brooklyn, located on the eastern corner of the Coney Island peninsular. You can walk or take a five minutes bus trip from Brighton Beach to Manhattan Beach. The beach here is the third and smallest among the three beaches on the peninsular but still a popular summertime destination with New Yorkers. However, it is not very commercialized but gets just as crowded as Coney Island during the summer months.

Manhattan Beach in Brooklyn, New York City

Manhattan Beach by Jim Henderson

The promenade along the beach is occupied by shops and food and amenities at the beach include bathing and toilet facilities. The beach is a popular destination for picnics and barbeques and there are benches and picnic tables within the park area. Besides enjoying the beach, there are other outdoor activities including playgrounds for kids, volleyball, basketball, and handball courts.


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