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The Brooklyn Bridge is a 5,989 feet (1,825 meters) steel-wired suspension bridge spanning across New York City's East River. Opened in 1883, the Brooklyn Bridge connects Midtown Manhattan with Downtown Brooklyn and was once the world's longest suspension bridge. Though no longer the world's longest, it is definitely the world's oldest suspension bridge. Today, the grand old bridge is a designated Historic National Landmark as well as a prominent landmark in the city.

Brooklyn Bridge across the East River, New York City
Brooklyn Bridge across the East River by Tjeerd Wiersma

The Brooklyn Bridge is open to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic with the pedestrian lane separated and situated above the lanes for vehicles. The pedestrian lane is actually a wide boardwalk constructed from wooden planks. Whether entering the bridge from Brooklyn or Manhattan, walking across the bridge is one of the "must do" for many visitors to the city. The boardwalk often oscillates or wobbles with the movement of thousands of people walking on the bridge. However, it is safe to cross and there should be no cause for concern.

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, New York City
Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge by Ad Meskens

The walk across the bridge takes 20-30 minutes and opens to pedestrian traffic throughout the day and year. The walk is a fantastic experience offering spectacular views of the Manhattan and Brooklyn skyline. You can also observe the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island from a distance. The midsection of the bridge is the best spot to take photos of New York City on both sides of the river. The spot is also a great place to watch the activities below including boats cruising along the river and cars zooming across the bridge.

Location: Nearby Cadman Plaza East and Prospect Street (if entering the bridge on foot from Brooklyn)

Website: NYC Department of Transportation


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