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Brooklyn's Chinatown is an enclave in the Sunset Park neighborhood and once home for many Italian Americans, Hispanics, and East European Jews. However, in the 1980s, Chinese immigrants from the Fuzhou and Cantonese community began to settle and dominate the area now known as Chinatown. Among the three Chinatowns in New York City, Brooklyn is the smallest after Manhattan and Queens. Brooklyn's Chinatown is also the least touristy but visitors will not be disappointed exploring the area.

Chinese New Year in Chinatown, Brooklyn (New York City)
Chinese New Year in Chinatown by Frank M. Pohole

Chinatown within Sunset Park is best described as along Eighth Avenue from 42nd to 68th Streets and the area resembles a street somewhere in Hong Kong or Macao. Chinese-owned businesses including small shops, grocery stores, markets, supermarkets, bakeries, and restaurants occupy Brooklyn's Chinatown. Furthermore, it is common to hear Chinese spoken here and many of the signs and signboards are written in Chinese besides English. However, you do not need to know Chinese to visit and explore the area since English is widely understood.

Chinese bakery in Brooklyn's Chinatown, New York City
Chinese bakery in Brooklyn's Chinatown by Jason Lam

Brooklyn’s Chinatown is not as touristy as Chinatown in Manhattan but is still a colorful and lively area of New York City. It is generally quieter during the weekdays but the crowd begins to build during the weekends with residents doing their shopping or having a Chinese meal at the eateries. Chinese eateries here range from the street food vendors to restaurants and popular dishes include dumplings, dim sum, and varieties of noodles to name a few. Every year, Chinatown celebrates the Lunar New Year (January or February) with the traditional parade and dragon dance.


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