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Brooklyn Heights Historic District

Brooklyn Heights, New York City
Brooklyn Heights by AudeVivere

The Brooklyn Heights Historic District occupies much of the Brooklyn Heights, which is a culturally diverse residential neighborhood. The neighborhood seen today began to develop in the early 19th century and its development continued until the early 20th century. There are nearly 700 buildings in Brooklyn Heights that were built before the Civil War. The neighborhood comprises of picturesque red-brick buildings including row houses, apartments, mansions, and churches. Architectures seen from the period include Greek Revival, Gothic Revival, and Italianate.

Stuyvesant Heights Historic District
Stuyvesant Heights in Brooklyn, New York City
Brownstone houses at Stuyvesant Heights by Newyork10r

Another historic district in Brooklyn is the Stuyvesant Heights Historic District, part of the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood. Stuyvesant Heights was founded by the Dutch Peter Stuyvesant in 1640 who governed the area when it was a Dutch colony. Many of the buildings seen in the historic district were built between 1870 and 1920, comprising of 17 blocks dominated by red-brick row houses and grand apartment buildings. Religious buildings include the Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church, Mount Lebanon Baptist Church, and St. Phillip's Episcopal Church. Many streets are named after American naval heroes and avenues after New York's governors.

Prospect Heights Historic District

Prospect Heights in Brooklyn, New York City

Prospect Heights by Spyder Monkey

The Prospect Heights Historic District is a small multi-ethnic neighborhood located in the northwestern section of Brooklyn. The neighborhood comprises of typical brownstone row houses and apartment buildings built from the mid-19th until the early 20th century. There are also institutional buildings including churches and public schools built during the period. Various styles of architecture can be seen in the historic district including Second French Empire, Renaissance Revival, Colonial Revival, and Neo-Georgian.


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