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The New York Aquarium is another popular attraction besides the beach and amusement rides in Coney Island, attracting thousands of visitors each year. The New York Aquarium is one of the oldest aquariums in the United States dating back to 1896. The aquarium was originally located at Battery Park in Downtown Manhattan but relocated to Coney Island in 1957. The New York Aquarium occupies 14 acres (6 hectares) and home to more than 350 species of aquatic creatures.

Entrance to the New York Aquarium, Brooklyn (New York City)
Entrance to the New York Aquarium by Jim Henderson

The New York Aquarium is the only aquarium in the New York City and a member of the Wildlife Conservation Society (network of wildlife parks which also includes the Bronx Zoo). The aquarium opens throughout the year starting at 10:00 am with longer opening hours in summer and shorter hours in winter. Marine creatures on exhibit include various species of sharks, stingrays, eels, jellyfishes, seahorses, and octopuses. There is also a touch pool where visitors can touch some of the sea creatures like horseshoe crabs and sea stars (starfish).

Saratoga at the New York Aquarium, Brooklyn (New York City)
A saratoga at the New York Aquarium by Viktor Kravtchenko

The aquarium is also has several species of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and birds that make the sea their home. A simulated rocky coastline representing the Pacific Northwest is home to several sea lions, otters, walruses, and penguins. There is an underwater viewing area to watch these marine creatures dive and swim and visitors can watch the feeding of these creatures at designated times. There are also regular performances by the sea lions doing various tricks at the Aquatheater.

Location: Surf Avenue & West 8th Street, Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York, NY 11224

Website: New York Aquarium

Tel (ticketing): 718-220-5188/5089
Tel (general inquiry): 718-265-2663/220-5103


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