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Brighton Beach 

Brighton Beach is a residential neighborhood in southern Brooklyn facing the Atlantic Ocean and neighbors the beach resort neighborhood of Coney Island. Locals often refer Brighton Beach as "Little Odessa" because of the large number of Russians and Ukrainians who settled in the neighborhood beginning in the 1970s. Other communities that later resided here include Armenians, Georgians, Turkish, Polish, and Pakistanis but their numbers are smaller.

Getting Here
Brighton Beach tends to get crowded on weekends and holidays especially during the summer months. Finding a public car park in this seaside neighborhood can be a challenge for any driver and better option is to take the subway train. Two subway stations serve Brighton Beach namely Brighton Beach and Ocean Parkway Stations. If you are in Coney Island, you can walk on the boardwalk along the beach to Brighton Beach and enjoy the sea breeze.

East European Neighborhood
The Russian community dominates the neighborhood followed by Ukrainians and other East European residents. Thus, it is not surprising that Brighton Beach has a very East European character with various signs written in both English and Cyrillic. Furthermore, many of the businesses here are owned by ethnic Russians or Ukrainians but not surprising to find a Chinese restaurant or Italian pizzeria located in between.

Brooklyn's Brighton Beach, New York City

Brooklyn's Brighton Beach by racoles

Russian and Ukrainian shops, markets, restaurants, and nightclubs give Brighton Beach its Slavic character. Furthermore, more Russian and other Slavic languages are spoken in Brighton Beach than English especially among the older folks and newer immigrants. If you are searching for authentic Russian and other East European foods including gourmet foods, then Brighton Beach is the destination in New York City. The main shopping street is Brighton Beach Avenue and the place for Russian gourmet foods and imports from the old country.

The Beach
The beach at Brighton Beach is sandy, well-maintained, and watched by lifeguards during the summer months. Unlike Coney Island, there are no amusement rides and other attractions along Brighton Beach's beachfront or boardwalk. Though a crowd tends to build up on weekends and holidays in summer, the beach here is definitely less crowded than Coney Island. However, there is an even quieter and almost deserted beach at the end of Brighton Beach furthest away from Coney Island.

Brighton Beach Boardwalk, Brooklyn (New York City)

Brighton Beach Boardwalk by Daniel Schwen


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