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Borough Park is a working class neighborhood in Brooklyn and home to one of the largest Hasidic (Jewish) communities in New York City. A pleasant neighborhood but for most visitors to the city, Borough Park is not on the list of destinations. With a large proportion of observant Jews living in the neighborhood, Borough Park is Brooklyn's dining destination for eating kosher. Visitors should not miss the opportunity to sample many of the kosher cuisines in the neighborhood. Off course, there are also non-kosher restaurants in Borough Park.
Borough Park, Brooklyn (New York City)

Borough Park by Jim Henderson

Kosher eateries in Borough Park include gourmet shops, delis, ice cream parlors, bakeries, cafes, and restaurants. Many of the kosher dishes originate from Eastern Europe but some also have a touch of the Middle East and Mediterranean. Kosher specialties here include bagels, bialys, felafel, gefilte, and smoked or brined fish for various preparations. Many of the pizzerias are kosher and there are also kosher restaurants serving American meals. Typically kosher eateries close on the Sabbath, observed from sundown on Friday until Saturday evening.

55th Street Station in Borough Park, Brooklyn (New York City)

55th Street Station in Borough Park by Jim Henderson

The kosher food scene in Borough Park is concentrated between 13th and 18th Avenues. Well-known eateries include Amnon Kosher Pizza, Ginos Pizzeria, Plaza Dining, Shawarma King, and Kosher Delight. China Glatt is a Chinese restaurant serving Chinese cuisines that are prepared kosher. Visit Klein's Ice Cream along 15th Avenue, offering soft ice cream with a tempting range of toppings. Another recommendation is Big Fleishig's Express along 16th Avenue, offering a range of hearty sandwiches and burgers.

Kosher Delights in Borough Park, Brooklyn (New York City)

Kosher Delights in Borough Park by J. Reed


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