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Fifth Avenue 

Brooklyn's Fifth Avenue is a commercial area of Brooklyn, stretching for five miles (eight kilometers) from the intersection at Atlantic Avenue in Fort Greene to Fourth Avenue in Bay Bridge. Besides shopping along Fifth Avenue, there are plenty of eateries including takeaways, cafes, and restaurants to suit your culinary tastes and budget. It's convenient exploring Fifth Avenue since the Fifth Avenue subway line travels along the avenue making stops every few blocks.
Brooklyn's Fifth Avenue, New York City

Brooklyn's Fifth Avenue by Jim Henderson

A good start point to explore the food scene along Fifth Avenue is in the Park Slope neighborhood. Fifth Avenue in Park Slope is well-known for its numerous eateries including delis, cafes, bistros, and range of restaurants. There are also a few classy restaurants catering to Park Slope's increasing affluent residents. However, most of the eateries here are occupied by medium priced establishments and cheap eats including takeaways. Beyond Fifth Avenue, Seventh Avenue is another destination in Park Slope for dining.

Brooklyn's Fifth Avenue at night, New York City

 Brooklyn's Fifth Avenue at night by conbon33

There is just about every food that you can imagine along Fifth Avenue's five mile stretch. From traditional to nouveau including American, Italian, Mexican, French, English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Indian. Well-known restaurants include the ChipShop at 383 Fifth Avenue, an English restaurant serving hearty meals of fish and chips, meat pies, and bangers. Al di Là Trattoria at 248 Fifth Avenue is an acclaimed Italian restaurant and specialties include malfatti and ravioli dishes. The Chocolate Room at 86th Fifth Avenue is well-known for its chocolate temptations including beverages, cakes, cookies, and confectionery.

Sandwich shop along Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn (New York City)

Sandwich shop along Fifth Avenue by Jason Lam


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