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Brooklyn, New York City 

Getting Around 

By Cab
Yellow cabs in Brooklyn are not as many as in Manhattan and often hard to come by. Better to phone for a livery cab (also known as car service) and there are several such companies based within Brooklyn’s neighborhoods. When making a call, tell the operator where the car should pick you, your destination, and the fare. Many car services also offer fares based on hourly rates. Taking a cab is a convenient way to travel around Brooklyn but not the cheapest, especially if you are traveling alone.

By Train
Taking the subway trains is a convenient and inexpensive way to travel around Brooklyn. Many of Brooklyn's popular destinations including Coney Island, Brighton Beach, Downtown Brooklyn, and DUMBO are easily accessible by subway trains. There are 18 subway lines traversing across Brooklyn with the Atlantic Avenue (Pacific Street) and Borough Hall (Court Street) Stations being the main subway stations. The two stations serve several subway lines passing through Brooklyn and are the major stations for interchanging trains in the borough.

Nostrand Avenue Subway Station, Brooklyn (New York City)

Nostrand Avenue Subway Station by Pacific Coast Highway

By Bus
Brooklyn also has an efficient public transport system of commuter buses operated by New York City’s Metropolitan Transport Authority (MTA). There is a network of more than 50 bus routes covering Brooklyn including areas not covered by the subway lines. However, most visitors will find it more convenient to use the subway trains since the trains make stops to many of Brooklyn’s most visited destinations.

MTA bus in Brooklyn, New York City

MTA bus in Brooklyn by Adam E. Moreira

Fares on Public Transport
Single journeys are $2.25 on the subway trains and $2.00 for the buses, regardless of the the destination in New York City including Brooklyn. MetroCards are a convenient alternative than paying a single fare each time you board a train or bus. Furthermore, the MetroCards offer travel on the city's public transport system at discounts. You can purchase the MetroCard from the subway stations and participating newsstands.  The MetroCard is available for a single trip, multiple trips, or unlimited trips for a day, 7 days, 14 days, and 30 days.

Bedford Avenue Subway Station, New York City

Bedford Avenue Subway Station by Pacific Coast Highway


Visiting New York
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