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The Brooklyn Children’s Museum began in 1899 and is the first museum in the United States devoted to children. The museum is located in Crown Heights and nearby Bower Park. This is a "green museum" using geothermal heating and cooling, solar panels to generate electricity, and various energy saving devices. Many of the exhibits at the Brooklyn Children's Museum are donations from institutions and individuals collected over the last 100 years but there are the occasional museum purchases.

Brooklyn Children's Museum, New York City
Brooklyn Children's Museum by Bigtimepiece

The museum comprises of nine galleries with plenty of exhibits for children to explore and learn while enjoying themselves. Cultural exhibits include sculptures, masks, toys, and baskets from ancient to modern times collected from around the world. Exhibits from the world of natural history include rocks, fossils, skeletons, shells, and various insect and animal specimens. Musical instruments include whistles, drums, congas, and xylophones for children to play and learn about the melody of music.

Kids at the Brooklyn Children's Museum, New York City
Kids at the Brooklyn Children's Museum by Ben Hoyt

The museum has exhibits of small creatures including birds, reptiles, amphibians, and insects where children get to learn about the creatures' habitats and how they live. There is a also a children's library filled with books including story books, books on science, and picture books. Totally Tots is specifically for children below the age of five with several play areas including water, sand, building, and climbing areas.

Location: 145 Brooklyn Avenue, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York, NY 11213

Website: Brooklyn Children's Museum

Tel (general info): 718-735-4400


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