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The DUMBO neighborhood in Brooklyn is well-known as a premier art district in New York City. DUMBO began to develop as an art district in the 1970s, when cheap rentals began to attract artists to reside and open up studios here. Today, there are a cluster of private art studios and galleries spread across DUMBO. A well-known location for premier art is the 111 Front Street Galleries, housed in a converted warehouse.

Front Street, Brooklyn (New York City)
Front Street by dumbonyc

Located at the street of the same name, 111 Front Street Galleries is home to more than 10 independent private art galleries. Artworks exhibited here are mostly contemporary art including paintings, sculptures, and photographs. The galleries welcome visitors and entrance is free but individual galleries may open to the public only on certain days. On the first Thursday of the month, some of the galleries here as well as others in DUMBO participate in the DUMBO Gallery Walk, opening their galleries to the public during the evenings.

Front Street at night, Brooklyn (New York City)
Front Street at night by dumbonyc

Among the galleries at 111 Front Street Galleries is the A.I.R. Gallery, presenting artworks from women artists in New York City and across the United States. The Gloria Kennedy Gallery presents artworks by emerging and established artists including paintings, sculptures, and photographs. The Henry Gregg Gallery and Klompching Gallery present classical and contemporary art photographs from established artists and photographers.

Location: 111 Front Street, DUMBO, Brooklyn, New York, NY 11201


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