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The Jewish Children’s Museum in Brooklyn is housed in a six-floor building located at the corner of Eastern Parkway and Kingston Avenue in Crown Heights. The museum is geared towards children to create awareness about the history, culture, traditions, and life of the Jewish people. The museum opened in 2004 and managed by Tzivos Hashem, a Jewish organization dedicated to the education of Jewish children. The museum also welcomes visitors of other faiths to foster religious understanding and tolerance.

Jewish Children's Museum, Brooklyn (New York City)
Jewish Children's Museum by Jim Henderson

On the second floor of the museum is the Orientation Theater with a six-minute presentation introducing Jewish history and thoughts. The third floor explores various aspects of Jewish life including the Sabbath, Jewish holidays, Jewish dietary (kosher) laws, and about performing good deeds. The fourth floor is devoted to Jewish history including about the patriarch Abraham and his family, the Jewish exodus from Egypt, the Holocaust, and the Jewish world in modern times.

Another view of the Jewish Children's Museum, Brooklyn (New York City)
Another view of the Jewish Children's Museum by vera46

There are plenty of fun-filled activities for children on the museum's fifth floor. There is a six-hole miniature golf course and gallery of games where children can play and learn about Jewish life. The museum also features a children's library on the lower floor filled with books about Jewish traditions, thoughts, and history. There is a gift shop on the first floor of the museum as well as a restaurant serving reasonably priced kosher foods in a relaxing environment.

Location: 792 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, New York, NY 11213

Website: Jewish Children's Museum

Tel (general inquiry): 718-467-0600


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