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Brooklyn, New York City 

Museums & Galleries 

Many of the major museums including art galleries in New York City are in Manhattan. Brooklyn, however, does not have that many museums and galleries but there are a few that are worth mentioning and visiting.

Art Museums & Galleries
The Brooklyn Museum is New York City's second largest art museum after the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan. Exhibits include collections from the United States as well as Europe, Middle East, Far East, and Africa. Brooklyn's DUMBO neighborhood is a premier art district in New York City with a multitude of private art galleries and studios. A good starting point in DUMBO is 111 Front Street Galleries, home to more than 10 contemporary art galleries including paintings, sculptures, and photographs.
Brooklyn Museum, New York City

 Brooklyn Museum by Henrinator69

Museums Devoted to History
The New York Transit Museum is the largest museum in the United States devoted to the history of urban transport. The museum's artifacts including decommissioned trains are from New York City's public transport system. The Fort Hamilton Harbor Defense Museum is a small museum housed in an old army fort with an interesting collection of military artifacts including uniforms and weaponry. The Waterfront Museum is another small museum housed in a converted barge and devoted to the history of New York Harbor.

New York Transit Museum, Brooklyn (New York City)

New York Transit Museum by Marcin Wichary

Children's Museums
The Brooklyn Children's Museum opened in 1899 and is the first museum in the United States devoted to children. Located in the Crown Heights neighborhood, the museum comprises of nine galleries with plenty of exhibits for children to learn and enjoy. Also located in Crown Heights is the Jewish Children's Museum at the corner of Eastern Parkway and Kingston Avenue. The museum is devoted to creating awareness about the history, culture, traditions, and life of the Jewish people.

Brooklyn's Children Museum, New York City

Brooklyn Children's Museum by Bigtimepiece


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