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Borough Park is a Jewish neighborhood located in the southwest Brooklyn and home for nearly 80,000 Orthodox and Hasidic Jews. Besides the yeshivas and synagogues, there are plenty of Jewish-owned businesses and a popular destination for kosher dining along with the kosher bakeries and delicatessens. There is even the kosher Avenue Plaza Hotel at 4624 13th Avenue, which also has its own kosher restaurant. Other neighborhoods in Brooklyn with significant Jewish communities include Flatbush, Williamsburg, and Crown Heights.
Flatbush Town Hall, Brooklyn (New York City)

 Flatbush Town Hall in Brooklyn by Jim Henderson

Bensonhurst is another neighborhood in southwest Brooklyn and home for many Italian Americans. Jewish and Italian immigrants initially settled in Bensonhurst during the early part of the 20th century. By the 1950s, a wave of Italian immigrants arrived and many of the Jewish residents left to other neighborhoods in New York City. Though considered an Italian American neighborhood, Bensonhurst is now home for many ethnic Chinese, Russians, and Latin Americans.

Centering on 8th Avenue and 59th Street in Sunset Park is Chinatown with its Chinese owned businesses including restaurants and shops. Every year (January or February), Brooklyn’s Chinatown greets the coming of the Chinese Lunar New Year with a celebration. In the middle class neighborhood of Bay Bridge, there is a community of Italians, Irish, Greeks, and Scandinavians. In the last two decades, residents from the Middle East have also settled in Bay Bridge.

Sunset Park in Brooklyn, New York City

Sunset Park neighborhood in Brooklyn by Matthew Jording

Bedford-Stuyvesant is home for many African Americans who migrated to the neighborhood during and after the Second World War. The neighborhood is the heart of the African American community in Brooklyn as Harlem is in Manhattan. Today, Bedford-Stuyvesant is also home for the African-Caribbean community. Nearly 80% of the residents in Bushwick are Hispanic Americans including Puerto Ricans, Hondurans, and Mexicans. Sadly, this neighborhood experiences a high rate of poverty and crime.

Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant, New York City

Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood by Newyork10r


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