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Cadman Plaza Park is a 10.4-acre (4.2 hectares) park situated on the border between Downtown Brooklyn and Brooklyn Heights. The area was once the home of the Lenape Indians until the Dutch arrived and settled here in the 17th century. Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge from Midtown Manhattan to Downtown Brooklyn, you will find the park near the bridge's exit for the pedestrian lane. The park is beautifully landscaped with benches on each side of the park, making it a nice resting spot after a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge or visiting the neighboring areas. 

Around Cadman Plaza Park, Brooklyn (New York City)
Around Cadman Plaza Park by GK tramrunner
Cadman Plaza Park is a popular recreational spot for the Brooklyn Heights residents as well as workers taking time off from work. One side of the park is beautifully landscaped with flowers and there are walkways around the park for jogging or just taking a stroll. However, there is no children's playground but ample space for kids to run around, play Frisbee, or ball. There is also a main playing field for organized sports and the lawn here is not made from grass but artificial turf.
Brooklyn War Memorial at Cadman Plaza Park, New York City
Brooklyn War Memorial at Cadman Plaza Park by Jim Henderson
There is a statue of William Jay Gaynor at the northern end of Cadman Plaza Park. William Jay Gaynor was the mayor of New York from 1910 to 1913 and was well-known for his tough action on corruption during his time as mayor. There is also a 24-foot (7.3 meters) tall Brooklyn War Memorial situated in the center of the park, honoring Brooklyn's residents who served during the Second World War. The memorial is one of the largest in New York City and the park area behind the memorial is usually quieter with plenty of shady trees.

Location: Nearby Clark Street, Court Street-Borough Hall, and High Street (Subway) Stations and bordering Cadman Plaza East and West

Website: NYC Department of Parks & Recreation

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