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Located in southwestern Brooklyn, Marine Park is the borough's largest park covering 798 acres (323 hectares). Marine Park surrounds an inlet on the western corner of Jamaica Bay, a 25,000-acre (10,000 hectares) estuary and wildlife refuge. The park was once the hunting and fishing grounds for Native Americans until the Dutch settled in area in the 17th century. During the early 20th century, speculators purchased land here anticipating a real estate boom which did not materialize. The land was eventually donated to the city to be turned into a public park. 

Marine Park, Brooklyn (New York City)
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Nearly two-thirds of Marine Park comprises of grasslands and salt water marshes protected as a Forever Wildlife Preserve. Thickets of shrubs, vines, wildflowers, tall grasses, and beach plants dominate the preserve and home to various species of birds including the myrtle warblers, grasshopper sparrows, and ring-necked pheasants. Other wildlife include cotton-tailed rabbits, horseshoe crabs, and oyster toad fish. Take the opportunity to hike along the Gerritsen Creek Nature Trail and observe the various fauna and flora.
Marine Parkway, Brooklyn (New York City)
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The remaining one-third of Marine Park comprises of recreational areas including a 210-acre (85 hectares) 9-hole Marine Park Golf Course. Facilities for other sporting activities include baseball fields, football fields, basketball courts, and tennis courts. There is also a launch site for canoeing or kayaking at the Salt Marsh Nature Center and field for flying model aircrafts at the John V. Lindsay Model Airport. Other facilities include three children's playground and several spots occupied by food trucks or carts.

Location: Borders Flatbush, Gerritsen, and Fillmore Avenues

Website: NYC Department of Parks & Recreation

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