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Brooklyn, New York City 


Brooklyn has some of the most scenic parks in New York City. Parks in the borough range from the small urban parks to the large nature preserve as well as a renown botanical garden. With several green open spaces, Brooklyn's parks are popular spots for picnics, barbeques, and taking a walk through the woods.

Parks in Brooklyn
Walking across the East River
on the Brooklyn Bridge from Midtown Manhattan to Downtown Brooklyn, you will find Cadman Plaza Park upon exiting the bridge. Not a large park but beautifully landscaped and a nice resting spot after a walk across the bridge. While walking across the bridge and before reaching Downtown Brooklyn near the waterfront, you will find Brooklyn Bridge Park underneath the bridge. This waterfront park is under progressive construction but Piers 1 and 6 are already open to the public, offering a picturesque view of Manhattan's skyline across the East River.
Brooklyn Bridge Park, New York City

Brooklyn Bridge Park by Julienne Schaer

Among the larger parks in Brooklyn is Prospect Park covering 585 acres (237 hectares) and part of a series of connected parks called the Brooklyn-Queens Greenway. Prospect Park is also one of the most visited parks in New York City, featuring grassy meadows, waterways, pools, forests, and walking trails. Fort Greene Park is named after Nathanael Greene, an American General during the American Revolution. This 30-acre (12 hectares) park features rolling hills, open green spaces, and canoping trees.

Prospect Park, Brooklyn (New York City)

Prospect Park by Omegatron

Botanic Garden and Nature Preserve
The Brooklyn Botanic Garden opened to the public more than 100 years ago and still remains a popular destination in New York City.  The botanic garden comprises of several glass houses and themed gardens including the Japanese Hill-and-Pond and the Cranford Rose Gardens. Marine Park is the largest park in Brooklyn covering 798 acres (323 hectares) of which two-thirds comprises of grasslands and salt water marshes. This area of Marine Park is designated a nature preserve and home to various species of wild fauna and flora.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden, New York City

Brooklyn Botanic Garden by Gryffindor


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