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The Brooklyn Flea is an interesting flea market in New York City and should be on the list of destinations for any visitor to the city. The flea market takes place at two locations on different days of the week. On Saturdays, the flea market is held outdoors in the Fort Greene neighborhood with about 150 vendors participating. The Brooklyn Flea on Sundays as well as from January to March is held indoors inside the Williamsburg Savings Bank building in Downtown Brooklyn with 100 vendors participating.
Brooklyn Flea, New York City

Brooklyn Flea by Carl Mikoy

From morning till afternoon, whether at Fort Greene or Downtown Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Flea is a lively market not only attracting residents from Brooklyn but also New Yorkers from the other boroughs. Even if you have no intention to buy, Brooklyn Flea is still worth visiting. The flea market is the place for antiques, vintage furniture, jewelry, artworks, crafts, music, and especially used clothes. However, there are new clothes and other merchandise sold at bargain prices but do not expect brand names here. Do not miss the foods at the Brooklyn Flea including mouth-watering pizza, hot dogs, tacos, pickles, cookies, and pastries to name a few.

Brooklyn Flea held indoors, New York City

Brooklyn Flea held indoors by cuttlefish

The Brooklyn Flea Market (not to be confused with Brooklyn Flea) is held on Saturdays at 194 20th Street between Fourth and Fifth Avenues. Vendors here offer a range of vintage items including clothes, stamps, housewares, jewelry, memorabilia, and the occasional bric-brac. Another flea market in Brooklyn is the Park Slope Flea Market held on Saturdays and Sundays between 1st and 2nd Streets on Seventh Avenue. Not as big as the Brooklyn Flea or Brooklyn Flea Market but still an interesting flea market offering old items such as clothes, artworks, furniture, and antiques.

Brooklyn Flea Market, New York City

Brooklyn Flea Market by Jason Lam


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