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Brooklyn, New York City 


Visitors to New York City often bypass Brooklyn as a shopping destination preferring to shop in Manhattan with its premier shopping districts and stores. Brooklyn may not be in the same league as Manhattan when it comes to shopping but does offer several destinations for bargains. If staying in Manhattan, Brooklyn is just across the East River and many shopping destinations in Brooklyn are accessible by subway from Manhattan.

Shopping Districts
A major shopping disrict is along Brooklyn's Fifth Avenue (not to be confused with Manhattan's Fifth Avenue), a commercial area of Brooklyn occupied by independent stores and retail chains. The Fulton Street Mall is a pedestrian street mall stretching 17 blocks from Flatbush Avenue to Smith Street. The street mall is home to nearly 250 retailers and a destination for clothes, shoes, and electronics. A premier shopping district in Brooklyn is DUMBO and expect to find boutiques specializing in fashionable items including designer clothes.

 Fulton Street Mall, Brooklyn (New York City)

 Fulton Street Mall by David Shankbone

Shopping Malls
There are not many shopping malls in Brooklyn and a matter of fact, there are only two major shopping malls in the borough. The Atlantic Terminal Mall is located in Downtown Brooklyn and Kings Plaza in the Marine Park/Mill Basin neighborhood. Major retail chains as well as independently owned stores occupy both malls, offering a wide variety of merchandise ranging from clothes to electronics.

Atlantic Terminal Mall, Brooklyn (New York City)

Atlantic Terminal Mall by GK tramrunner229

There are several markets including flea markets and farmers' markets located across Brooklyn. Well-known and popular flea markets include the Brooklyn Flea and Brooklyn Flea Market, both held during the weekends. There are about 30 farmers' markets throughout Brooklyn offering fresh produce to the neighborhoods from farmers in the region. Even if you have no intention to shop at the markets, visiting one is a lively affair and a great place for people watching.

Brooklyn Flea Market

Brooklyn Flea Market by Jason Lam


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