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Albright-Knox Art Gallery

The Albright-Knox Art Gallery is a prominent art gallery in Buffalo located in Delaware Park and across the street from Buffalo State College. The gallery is devoted to modern and contemporary art including Impressionist and post-Impressionistic styles. Contemporary styles from the early 20th century include cubism, surrealism, and constructivism. Additionally, the gallery is very rich in various pieces of post-war American and European art. Exhibited artworks by famous artists include Pablo Picasso, Paul Gauguin, Georges Braque, Henri Matisse, and Vincent Van Gogh.
Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo (New York State)

Sculpture at Albright-Knox Art Gallery by Danielle Sauers

The Albright-Knox Art Gallery was initially designed by Edward B. Green and constructed at cost of $1 million. The gallery was originally intended as the Fine Arts Pavilion for the Pan-American Exposition in 1901. However, delays in construction caused the gallery to remain uncompleted until 1905. A new addition was made to the gallery in 1962 and designed by architect Gordon Bunshaft. Financial contributions for the addition were from Seymour H. Knox Jr., his family, and other donors. By then the gallery was renamed the Albright-Knox Art Gallery.
Inside Albriight-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo (New York State)

Inside the Albright-Knox Art Gallery by Jason Paris

The Albright-Knox Art Gallery includes a main hall connected to the other galleries to maximize the exhibition space. About 5,000 tons of marble were used to construct the exterior and interior of the building. The overall architecture of the gallery is inspired in the design of an ancient Greek temple and comprises of 110 columns including 74 columns on the building’s exterior. The columns supporting the gallery’s east portico are replicas of the columns seen at the east facade of the Erectheum, an ancient Greek temple situated on the north side of the Acropolis in Athens.

Location: 1285 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14222

Albright-Knox Art Gallery

Tel: 716-882-8700
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