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Architecture: Central Terminal

Buffalo Central Terminal is about two and half miles (4 km) from Downtown Buffalo, in the Broadway/Fillmore district. The 17-story Art Deco building was once a major railroad station from 1929 to 1979. After years of abandonment and neglect, the building eventually came under the care of the Central Terminal Restoration Corporation (CTRC), which owns the concourse, tower, and baggage building. The CTRC is a non-profit volunteer organization, devoted to restore and promote the development of Buffalo Central Terminal. Work continues to progress and new areas of the building are cleaned and reopened to the public each year. 
Buffalo Central Terminal, New York State

Buffalo Central Terminal by Dave Pape

The main building is the concourse measuring 225 feet (69 meters) long, 66 feet (21 meters) wide, and 63.5 feet (19.4 m) tall at the domed ends. Curtiss Street runs below the concourse but currently closed to visitors since the late 1980s for safety reasons. A prominent structure when viewed from the outside is the office tower, rising 15 stories excluding the main floor and mezzanine. The baggage building is a four-story building immediately adjacent to the main concourse and nearby is the two-story mail building located along Curtiss Street. The train concourse is 450 feet (140 meters) long and includes 14 high-level platforms and each platform is accessible by a staircase or ramp.
Concourse at the Central Terminal, Buffalo (New York State)

Concourse at Buffalo Central Terminal by Dave Pape

CTRC organizes guided tours of Buffalo Central Terminal, usually twice monthly and charges $10 a person. The tours begin at 11:00 a.m. starting at the building’s lobby near the entrance and generally last for two hours. The tours provide an insight into the history of Buffalo Central Terminal and about the complex’s restoration work. Furthermore, the tours provide access to many areas of the terminal usually not open during other events. Updated tour dates and times are available from the CTRC website and an advance reservation is recommended.

Location: 495 Paderewski Drive, Buffalo, NY, 14212

Website: Buffalo Central Terminal Restoration Corporation

Tel (info): 716-810-3210.
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