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Architecture: H.H. Richardson


The H.H. Richardson Complex is a recently-coined name for the former Buffalo State Asylum for the Insane and later known as the Buffalo State Hospital. The hospital was designed in 1870 by architect Henry Hobson Richardson with the grounds designed by landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted. The red sandstone and brick complex was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1986. Though the complex is currently closed to the public, it can still be admired from afar.

Richardson Complex, Buffalo (New York State)

H.H. Richardson Complex by Shinerunner

The wards were used to house mental patients until the mid-1970s and the central administration building was used for offices until 1994. The grounds north of the complex are occupied by Buffalo State College but the abandoned buildings have subsequently deteriorated. The Richardson Center Corporation has been established to rehabilitate the H.H. Richardson Complex with funds for the rehabilitation committed by the state of New York.
Psychiatric Building at Richardson Complex, Buffalo (New York State)

The Psychiatric Building by Fortunate4now

Fences have been installed around the complex and with regular patrols to protect the area from vandals. However, the creation of an Architecture and Visitor Center is already underway. A prominent feature of the complex is its signature Gothic towers. The complex includes a central administrative tower and five pavilions or wards connected by short curved two-story corridors. Patients then were segregated by sex, males on the east side and females on the west side.
Location: 400 Forest Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14213-1298

Tel: 716-849-6070 
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