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Buffalo, New York 

The City 


Buffalo comprises of 33 neighborhoods with Downtown Buffalo being the hub or focal point of the city. Downtown Buffalo is the seat of the local government, home to many corporate offices, and center for commerce. The downtown area is also a major destination for entertainment, socializing, and where many of the city’s hotels are located. Downtown Buffalo comprises of three areas namely the Theater District in the north, the Waterfront in the south, and government and commercial districts around Niagara and Lafayette Square.

Lafayette Square, Buffalo (New York State)

Buffalo's Lafayette Square by TonyTheTiger

Outside of Downtown Buffalo, major neighborhoods in Buffalo include Allentown, Elmwood Village, University District, University Heights, and North Buffalo. According to the American Planning Association, Elmwood Village is ranked as the third best neighborhood in the United States. Elmwood Village is a pedestrian-oriented neighborhood occupied by small boutiques, retail stores, restaurants, and cafes. Other neighborhoods in the city include Clinton-Bailey, Cold Springs, Delaware District, Riverside, Schiller Park, and South Buffalo.

Buffalo is home to multitudes of historical buildings, noted for their architecture and being promoted by the city as tourist attractions. These architectural landmarks include Buffalo City Hall, Buffalo Central Terminal, Prudential Building, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, and the H.H. Richardson Complex. Historical buildings can also be found in the historic districts of Allentown, Delaware Avenue, and West Village Historic Districts. Many of the buildings in these neighborhoods are single family homes, mansions, and houses of worship.

City Hall, Buffalo (New York State)

Buffalo's City Hall by Daderot

Three-fourths of Buffalo’s parks are part of the Olmsted Park and Parkway System, which began in 1868 by Frederick Law Olmsted and his partner Calvert Vaux. The park system comprises of six major parks, eight connecting parkways, nine circles, and seven smaller spaces integrated into the city. Delaware Park is part of the park system and the city’s central park, occupying 376 acres (152 hectares) of meadow, lake, and forest areas. Another major park is LaSalle Park, located along the waterfront and home to various species of water birds.

Delaware Park, Buffalo (New York State)

Delaware Park by Andre Carrotflower

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