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Elmwood Village

  • Louie's Foot Long Hot Dogs, 470 Elmwood Avenue; Tel: 716 884-0382 – Has been in business since 1951 and menu includes charcoal broiled hot dogs and burgers, sandwiches, and chicken wings.
  • Ambrosia, 467 Elmwood Avenue; Tel: 716 881-2196 – Reasonably priced family restaurant specializing in Greek cuisines but also serves other Mediterranean, and Continental dishes. 
  • Cecilia's Ristorante, 716 Elmwood Avenue; Tel: 716 883-8066 – Fine dining Italian restaurant in the heart of Elmwood featuring a range of pasta, steak, veal, chicken, and seafood dishes.
  • Blue Fin Asian Bistro, 765 Elmwood Avenue; Tel: 716 886-1886 – Asian restaurant primarily serving Japanese cuisines and a limited selection of Chinese and Southeast Asian dishes.
  • Casa-di-Pizza, 477 Elmwood Avenue; Tel: 716 883-8200 – Casa-di-Pizza is a family restaurant serving Italian and American favorites including pizza, pasta, sandwiches, and chicken wings.
  • Bistro Europa, 484 Elmwood Avenue; Tel: 716 884-1100 – A small and cozy neighborhood restaurant focusing on European recipes and ingredients, sourcing fresh produce from local farms.
Elmwood Village, Buffalo (New York State)

Elmwood Village by Andre Carrotflower

  • Allen Street Hardware Cafe, 245 Allen Street; Tel: 716 882-8843 – Neighborhood restaurant in the center of Allentown. Restaurant serves a variety of comfort foods under a warm café environment.
  • Fat Bob's Smokehouse, 41 Virginia Place; Tel: 716 887-2971 – Southern barbeque restaurant serving generous helpings. Features beef brisket, barbecued chicken, grilled salmon, and spiced catfish. 
  • Towne Restaurant, 186 Allen Street; Tel: 716-884-5128 – Casual dining restaurant located at the corner of Allen and Elmwood Streets specializing in American, Greek, and Italian dishes.
  • Fiddle Heads Restaurant, 62 Allen Street; Tel: 716 883-4166 – Restaurant serving American cuisines including strip steak, sautéed jumbo shrimp, boneless duck breast, and soft shell crab.
  • Sample Restaurant, 242 Allen Street, Tel: 716 883-1675 – Unique restaurant with menus served in hors d’oeuvre-sized portions, offering American menus such as fillet of beef, steak salad, and sea bass.
Allentown, Buffalo (New York State)

Allentown by Andre Carrotflower 

University Heights

  • Amy's Place, 3234 Main Street; Tel: 716 832-6666 – A small diner near the University of Buffalo's South Campus, featuring traditional Lebanese foods and vegetarian dishes.
  • Duff's Famous Wings, 3651 Sheridan Drive, Amherst; Tel: 716 834-6234 – Canadian restaurant chain serving chicken wings, burgers, sandwiches, salads, and various desserts.
  • The Steer, 3151 Main Street; Tel: 716 838-0478 – Traditional American restaurant located in the heart of University Heights and popular dishes include braised beef flatbread, pizza, and steaks.
  • Just Pizza, 3172 Main Street; Tel: 716 831-9979 – A student favorite featuring 75 varieties of pizza. Non-pizza dishes include chicken wings, chicken fingers, BBQ ribs, and tacos.
University Heights, Buffalo (New York State)

University Heights by Andre Carrotflower

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