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Buffalo Botanical Gardens 


Buffalo Botanical Gardens opened in 1900 and is located in the grounds of South Park. The botanical garden is a product of landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, glass-house architects Lord & Burnham, and botanist John F. Cowell. Formal gardens surround a Victorian conservatory (greenhouse) that was inspired by the Crystal Palace and Kew Gardens Palm House in England. When constructed, the conservatory was one of the largest public greenhouses in the United States and the world. Besides the botanical garden, South Park also features a large boating pond, meadow, and a ring road.

Fern House at Buffalo Botanical Gardens, New York State

The Fern House by Dave Pape

Many of the plants at the conservatory are from the tropical and subtropical regions but there are a few from the temperate region. The indoor gardens at the conservatory include:
  • The Palm Dome - Houses a wide collection of palm and fruit trees from the tropics.
  • Florida Everglades – Home to plant and animal species native to the Everglades of Florida.
  • Panama Cloud Forest & Epiphyte Pavilion – Houses epiphytes including orchids and bromeliads.
  • Victorian Ivy & Herb House – Cultivated with various species of herbs, scented germanium, and ivy. 
  • Orchid House – Home to brightly colored orchids including cymbidiums, dendrobiums, and cattleyas.
  • Begonia House – Features plants native to the tropics and subtropics that are noted for their colorful leaves.
  • Tropical Garden – Plants from the tropics including common and not so common houseplants. 
  • Desert House – Houses plants from the American and African deserts including varieties of cacti.
  • Fern House & Tropical Rainforest – Features ferns, cycads, aquatic plants, and other rainforest plants.
Flowers bloom during season in the outdoor gardens and include the Front Entrance Garden (March-October), Rose Garden (June-October), and Shrub/Perennial Garden (March-October).
Inside the Dome at Buffalo Botanical Gardens, Buffalo (New York State)

Inside the Dome by Dave Pape 

Location: 2655 South Park Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14218

Website: Buffalo Botanical Gardens

Tel: 716-827-1584

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