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Buffalo, New York 

Staying Safe 


For most part, Buffalo is a safe city is safe to visit and travel. The most common encounters are people asking for spare change or cigarette, which most visitors never experience. Buffalo's East Side is the city’s poorest neighborhood and with a reputation for being a rough place. It is good advice not to walk the streets here alone at night especially along Bailey Avenue and Fillmore Avenue, located east of Main Street.

Downtown Buffalo, New York State

Downtown Buffalo by Fortunate4now

US Border Patrol Checks
Being located on the US-Canadian border, US Border Patrol conduct frequent immigration checks in Buffalo. Checks usually include on buses, trains, stations, airport, and sometimes on the streets. There are also the occasional vehicle checkpoints searching for illegal immigrants. These checks are routine and unless you are in the United States illegally, you should not have any concern.
Buffalo's Canalside, New York State

Buffalo's Canalside by Andre Carrotflower

If you are a US citizen simply affirm your citizenship and they will usually move you right along. If they have reasons to doubt you, they will ask you to show proof such as a photo ID (e.g. driver’s license). If you are not a US citizen but a legal resident, then you need to show your green card. If you are a legal visitor from abroad, you will be asked a few questions and required to show your passport, I-94 entry record, and visa if applicable.

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Visiting New York
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