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Health & Medical Care

Visitors can purchase non-prescription drugs for treating minor ailments and injuries from the drugstore, which is the American term for a pharmacy. Food supplements (e.g. vitamins and minerals), toiletries (e.g. toothpaste and cleansers), and eye care products (e.g. contact lens cleaners) are usually available. Drugstores in New York and throughout the United States may also sell non-medical items such as drinks, candies, light snacks, cosmetics, and magazines.
Drug store in Manhattan, New York City

Drug store in New York City by Beyond My Ken

If you are in need of general medical care, New York has several clinics attended to by a primary care (general practice) doctor or a nurse practitioner. Many of these clinics are walk-in clinics and patients usually have to wait before attended. If traveling without medical insurance, inform the clerk in advance you are paying from your own pocket since clinics may overcharge if they believe you have medical insurance. 

New York Downtown Hospital, New York City

New York Downtown Hospital by Youngking11


Visiting New York
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