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Manhattan, New York City 


Brooklyn Bridge 

The Brooklyn Bridge links New York City's Downtown Manhattan with Brooklyn, spanning 5,989 feet (1,825 meters) across the East River. The Brooklyn Bridge opened in 1883 and considered an architectural wonder when it first opened. Beside the steel suspension wires, another noticeable feature of the Brooklyn Bridge is the two Neo-Gothic towers. The bridge is still in operation and was once the longest suspension bridge in the world until 1903. Today, the bridge is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States.  
Brooklyn Bridge, New York City
Brooklyn Bridge by Tiago Fioreze

The Brooklyn Bridge carries both vehicular traffic and pedestrians on separate lanes across the East River. Pedestrians walk across an elevated wooden walkway above the traffic, offering a view of the two Neo-Gothic towers up close. The 30-minute walk across the bridge has a become a major attraction for many visitors to New York City and its free! During periods of high-traffic density, pedestrians can actually feel the bridge wobble but is safe to cross.

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, New York City
Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge by Martin Durrschnabel

The walk across the Brooklyn Bridge is a memorable journey and offers some of the most scenic views of Manhattan and Brooklyn, offering a fantastic opportunity for photographs. Lights placed across the bridge offer a spectacular view of the Brooklyn Bridge at night with a lighted backdrop of Manhattan or Brooklyn, depending on which end of the Brooklyn Bridge you are on. This is another opportunity for a few snapshots of New York City especially if your are into night photography.

Location: Near the Brooklyn Bridge City Hall Subway Station (if entering the bridge on foot from Manhattan)

Website: NYC Department of Transportation 


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