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Manhattan, New York City 


Wall Street 


New York City's Wall Street in Downtown Manhattan is the heart of the city's financial district as well as the U.S. economy and one of the world's leading financial centers. The district is home to a large number of banks, brokerage houses, and insurance companies. Nevertheless, Wall Street does not offer much as a tourist attraction and most buildings here are off limits to the public. However, Wall Street manages to lure visitors who just want to put their foot here due to its fame.  

New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), New York City
New York Stock Exchange by Andy C

Tall buildings dominate Wall Street and many buildings here are in the design of the Art Deco architecture. The heart of Wall Street is the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Building located at the junction of Wall Street and Broad Street. Unfortunately, the famous statue of the Charging Bull is no longer at its original location but relocated to Bowling Green at the foot of Broadway. Other landmark buildings include the Trump Building, Bankers Trust Building, and Trinity Church located on the west end of Wall Street.

Federal Hall, New York City
Federal Hall National Memorial by Hu Totya

The Federal Hall National Memorial is the only building in Wall Street opened to the public. This national memorial is the site of George Washington’s inauguration in 1789 as the first president of the United States. It was also the site of the first U.S. Congress and Supreme Court. Built over the original Federal Hall in 1842, the current building comprises of Doric columns, a domed ceiling, and a bronze statue of George Washington in front of the steps.

Location: Between Broadway and South Street 


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