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Visitors to New York City will realize that eating out in Manhattan often cost more than back home. For many visitors, eating on a budget at the major fast food chains (which they can get back home anyway) does not sound appealing. The more adventurous visitor will definitely want a taste of what New York City has to offer. Do not despair, one can join other New Yorkers who enjoy eating out in Manhattan without bursting their wallets.

McDonald's in Times Square, New York City

McDonald's in Times Square by Boston

Many restaurants in the touristy areas of the city, such as Times Square, often charge tourist prices. If you are on a limited budget and do eat in such places, stick to the street food vendors (street carts, food stands, and food trucks) where you can get a reasonable meal with soft drink for $5-10. For a little bit more, you also have the option of the delis and pizzerias but check before you decide since some may also charge tourist prices.

There seems to be a street food vendor on just about every corner of New York City and Manhattan is no exception. The street vendors offer more than just hotdogs, sandwiches, and pretzels. Some also serve kebabs with pita bread, briyani rice with chicken, and fruit salads to name a few. There are also vendors serving breakfast with choices of coffee, tea, bagels, and muffins.

Pizza truck, New York City
Pizza truck by Jim Henderson

A meal cost $25-40 a person at a moderately priced restaurant. Meals at a budget restaurant cost $15-25 while delis and pizzeria cost $5-15. There are many budget priced eateries in the East Village and Greenwich Village neighborhoods offering a wide range of meals from American to Asian. Another is Chinatown and the best place in Manhattan to sample Chinese and other Asian foods. You can get a meal here for around $15 at a restaurant and noodles from a street vendor for $5.

Cafe in Greenwich Village, New York City
Cafe in Greenwich Village by Freimut Bahlo

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