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Manhattan has a large Italian American community and therefore not surprising to find plenty of Italian restaurants and pizzerias located throughout the borough. Many Italian eateries are moderately priced establishments and a meal for a person costs $15-25 at the restaurants and $10-15 at the pizzerias. For a sample of Italian foods and eateries, make a visit to Little Italy in Downtown Manhattan. The streets of Little Italy itself, has an atmosphere of a small town in Italy.

Little Italy in Manhattan, New York City

Mulberry Street in Manhattan's Little Italy by jlwelsh

New York City is home to diverse ethnic communities other than Italian Americans. Therefore it is not surprising to find a wide range of ethnic eateries in the borough. There are plenty of Chinese restaurants in Manhattan's Downtown and Midtown areas, particularly in Chinatown, where street foods is part of the food scene. Though Chinese eateries dominate here, there are also other Asian eateries including Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Malaysian.

There are plenty of dining options including ethnic eateries in the neighborhood of East Village. There is Little India along East 6th Street for a taste of South Asian cuisines. Go to Avenue C (Loisaida Avenue) for a taste of Hispanic foods especially Puerto Rican. There is also a Ukrainian community with their own restaurants particularly along East 7th Street. Other ethnic restaurants in East Village include Italian, Mexican, Chinese, and Japanese.

Manhattan's Chinatown, New York City

Manhattan's Chinatown by Derek Jensen

Get a taste of ethnic foods from the street food vendors ranging from the street carts to food trucks. Street foods in Manhattan has gone beyond hotdogs and pretzels and now include Chinese, Mexican, Middle Eastern, and Indian for as little as $5. Another opportunity for a taste of ethnic foods are the seasonal street fairs held as various locations in Manhattan. One of these is the Italian Feast of San Gennaro held at Mulberry Street in September. Another is the Taste of Chinatown in Chinatown itself from December to January.

San Gennaro Festival, New York City
Foods at the San Gennaro Festival by Nightscream

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