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Manhattan, New York City 

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Manhattan has just about anything when it comes to eating. There are plenty of places to eat in the borough including meals served by the street food vendors, fast food chains, cafes, casual dining establishments, and the upscale restaurants. Manhattan also offers a wide choice of foods from the simple hotdog and bagels to ethnic foods from various corners of the world.

Eating at the trendier restaurants in Manhattan can cost you up to $200 a person while the moderately priced restaurants generally cost $25-40. There are also restaurants in Manhattan serving satisfying meals for less than $25. Lunch menus usually cost less than dinner menus and many restaurants offer daily specials at reduced prices. Since many restaurants post their menus outside their windows, look at the menus before you decide to enter.

Il Fornaio Italian restaurant, New York City

Il Fornaio Restaurant in Manhattan by Michael Nyika

Street Foods
New Yorkers are fond of street foods and there is no better place to sample street foods in New York City than in Manhattan. These meals on wheels range from the humble street carts to the larger food trucks. Street foods were once the domain of the city's famous New York hot dogs, sandwiches, and pretzels. Today street foods offer wider choices including ethnic foods. For budget eats, you can get a satisfying street food meal for $5-10 and are alternatives to meals by the typical fast food chains.

New York's Times Square, New York City

Hotdog cart by rollingrck

You can get a taste of about anything in Manhattan from the All-American to a diverse range of ethnic meals served by the street food vendors to the upscale restaurants. The most common and popular ethnic eateries are the Italian restaurants and pizzerias. Others include Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Middle Eastern, and Mexican to name a few. Those on dietary restrictions for religious reasons, there are eateries serving kosher (Jewish) and halal (Muslims) meals.

Restaurant in Manhattan's Chinatown, New York City

Restaurant in Chinatown by Maria Azzura Mugnai


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