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Major Cinema Chains
There is no place to go for watching a movie in New York City than in Manhattan with plenty of locations and choices of movies. Major cinema chains include AMC Loews, United Artists (UA), and City Cinemas. These operators operate many of the larger multiplex cinemas in the city, often screening the latest and popular movie releases including blockbusters from major film producers. Tickets prices are $13-$14 but can be half the price for matinee shows.

AMC cinema in Times Square, New York City

AMC cinema in Times Square by Andreas Praefcke

Independent Cinemas
Manhattan is also home to several independent cinemas and among them is the Angelika Film Center in the heart of SoHo, screening mainstream, independent, and foreign films. Another is the Film Forum in Greenwich Village screening independent contemporary and classic releases. Other independent theaters include the Quad Cinema in Greenwich Village and Sunshine Cinema in Houston Street screening both independent and foreign films.
Angelika Film Center, New York City

Angelika Film Center by Nightscream

Film Festivals
Manhattan plays hosts to several film festivals each year. A m
ajor film festival is the TriBeCa Film Festival held in April-May at several cinemas, screening both mainstream and independent films. The GenArt Film Festival is a seven-day festival held at the Zeifeld Theater in April, screening independent films by emerging directors. Another film festival is the New York Film Festival held at the Lincoln Center, screening American as well as foreign films by new filmmakers.

Sunshine Cinema, New York City

Sunshine Cinema by Beyond My Ken


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