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Off & Off-Off Broadway Theaters 


Off Broadway Theaters
Productions at the Off-Broadway theaters are smaller than the Broadway theaters and generally have a seating capacity of 100-500. Performances include musicals, plays, and comedies and are lower budget productions and therefore less extravagant than the Broadway theaters. There are about 50 Off-Broadway theaters in Manhattan and though some are in the Theater District, most are outside the district but still within Midtown Manhattan

Though lower budget productions, performances at the Off-Broadway theaters can be just as entertaining and offer a wider range of themes than mainstream Broadway. Notable Off-Broadway theaters include the award winning Atlantic Theater Company, Lambs Theatre Company, and Westside Theatre. Tickets for the Off-Broadway theaters cost less than the Broadway theaters and usually $30-$50. Tickets are available from the theaters' box offices, ticket booths in Times Square (Broadway Concierge and Ticket Center), and several online ticketing sites.

Lambs Theatre, New York City

Lambs Theater by Andreas Praefcke

Off-Off Broadway Theaters
Off-Off Broadway theaters are even smaller-scale productions than the Off-Broadway theaters and have a seating capacity of less than 100. There are about 200 Off-Off Broadway theaters, all located outside the Theater District but within Midtown and Downtown Manhattan. Some of the performers are amateurs but many are professionals with the occasional big name stars from Broadway as well as the film, and television industry.

The quality of production among the Off-Off Broadway theaters vary and some are experimental passing beyond the boundary of mainstream theater. Productions include plays, comedy, and musicals and many are creative and entertaining. Notable Off-Off Broadway theaters include Oberon Theatre Ensemble, Medicine Show Theatre, and Creative Place Theatre. Being low-budget productions, tickets cost $10-$30 but usually in the range of $15. 

Off-Off Broadway theater, New York City

Off-Off Broadway Theater by Beyond My Ken


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