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Manhattan, New York City 



Some of the best entertainment venues in New York City are located in Manhattan. Though the venues are spread across the borough, much of it is in Midtown Manhattan. Venues here range from large theaters to the small clubs offering varieties of programs including concerts, musicals, plays, comedy, and cinema.

Broadway, Off, and Off-Off Broadway
Manhattan is home of the Broadway theaters and concentrated within the Theater District. There are more than 40 large theaters here with a capacity to seat more than 500. Shows at the Broadway theaters are large-scale productions and considered of the highest standards. Off & Off-Off Broadway theaters are smaller theaters (mostly outside the Theater District) offering a variety of performances and themes beyond mainstream Broadway. 

Ed Sullivan Theater, New York City

Ed Sullivan Theater by Lambert-Rizal

Music Entertainment
There are plenty of music venues in Manhattan and among the big names are Madison Square Garden and Radio City Music Hall. Beyond the larger venues are the smaller music clubs offering rock, blues, hip-hop, and much more. New Yorkers have a attachment for jazz ever since the bebop era and today Manhattan is home to several jazz clubs. Many of the jazz clubs operate dining or bar services and may add a cover charge for the cost of entertainment.

Radio City Music Hall, New York City

Radio City Music Hall by Andy C

Other Entertainment Venues
There are also no shortages of movies and cinemas in Manhattan including several multiplex and independent cinemas screening from mainstream to independent films. Major cinema operators in the borough include AMC Loews, United Artists, and City Cinemas. Manhattan is also a great place for those in search for laughs, especially stand-up comedy. Within Manhattan, there are several entertaining comedy theaters and clubs with performances by professional comedians as well as newbies.

AMC cinema in Times Square, New York City

AMC cinema in Times Square by Andreas Praefcke


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